GRSoft Mail Manager (current version 3.02 Debian Jessie Setup)
This setup routine will install the Mail Manager interface on your server.
Based on the installation of Postfix & other components on a Debian Jessie server after the instructions of
howto: ISPmail tutorial for Debian Jessie
Author: Dipl.-Inform. Christoph Haas
Structure, table- and coloumnnames are same as in the howto of Christoph Haas.

During the setup 3 additional database tables have to be created. Therefore you have to give a DB-user with option to create tables. This could be changed after installation in the file conf/cnf_main.php manually.
After installation please check the rights for the files by yourself.

This software is under GNU/GPL license and comes without any warranty.
Feel free to change or customize anything.
Anyway if you find it usefull the author Peter Gutwein will be happy about your feedback.
Good luck and have fun.
Mail Manager Installation
Step 1: Download Download software (latest version), place it into your desired web directory and unpack it.
Alternative PHP7 - Version (latest version).
Step 2: Automatic installation Open browser, navigate to http://your.domain/your-mailmaster-directory/install.php and follow the instructions.
Try out and send feedback to author Peter Gutwein.
Ensure that you have the right to write a file to directory conf.
If you encounter problems during the automated installation, try to do it manually or send an email to the author or check the Supportforum section of this page.
Step 3: Multilanguage support for VMM (optional) The selectable languages in the standard installation are english and german. Since Version 1 in 2007 several users provided language packages for the Virtual MailManager. The multilanguage-package includes translation in spanish, russian, french, italian and swedish. Some other languages where incomplete or in wrong coding, so they are not included in this package.
If you want to add the languages of this package then download the archive SQL-script packed as .zip or as .tgz and run the script against your Mailserver-database (e.g. with phpmyadmin) after a complete succesfull installation of the Virtual MailManager.
To activate/deactivate chosen languages, please edit table languages in your database, setting active to 0 or 1 to get your desired language selection.
Updates and Bugfixes
Monday, 15-12-2015, 16:00
Version 3.02 with Bugfix released (Jessie-Setup)
In the former version the password for the MailMaster was still stored as md5-Hash during installation step 3. Now it is stored as sha256 salted.
Monday, 30-11-2015, 16:00
Version 3.01 with Bugfix released (Jessie-Setup)
Due to too many rights for normal Email-users in section virtual aliases i had to make some changes in this section. If you already used Version 3.0, you can download the package and replace files (./mgr_main.php, ./inc/inc_dusers.php) in your MailManager directory.
For existing installations only: If you want to switch from php mysql-extension to php mysqli-extension (ready for php 7) replace also file ./inc/db_wrapper.php.
Saturday, 28-11-2015, 20:00
Version 3.0 released (Jessie-Setup)
Since the Lenny-Setup worked on squezze and whezzy there was no need to change anything. In Version 3.0 for the Jessie - Setup (most recent tutorial) support for sha256 encrypted passwords where implemented.
Version 3.0 of the VMM can handle the old md5 passwords as well as the new sha256 encrypted ones. Everey new password which will be inserted is sha256 encrypted. Also some minor changes where made in the newest version.
Addionally i added a multilinguale package with some translations (Spanish, French, Russian, Swedish, Italian) done by users of the tool (See optionally step 3 of the installation advice).
Wednesday, 17-11-2010, 20:00
Czech translation for version 1.7 (Etch-Setup)
Czech translation for Version 1.7 written by Jakub Kocourek ist available. I did not check it at all.
Friday, 01-01-2010, 20:00
Alternate version of Andreas Bumen
Alternative version of Andreas Bumen with some code optimizations. I did not test this version. A changelog is inside the package. For questions about it please contact the author.
Monday, 28-12-2009, 11:20
Spanish translation for Lenny version
Spanish translation for Lenny version as SQL statement for the mailserver database. Translated by Waldo Nagel (Chile).
Sunday, 27-12-2009, 13:50
Final Etch-Version
Version 1.7 for the database structure of the Debian Etch tutorial.
Sunday, 19-11-2009, 12:40
New version for the Debian Lenny setup
Version 2.0 for the database structure of the Debian Lenny tutorial is released.
Sunday, 20-01-2009, 12:40
Security fix for handling aliases
To prevent hijacking of emails through virtual aliases inserted by normal email users, i changed the page mgr_main.php. If you use the original source code, you can patch your installation with the Update 1.7.2.
If you changed the source code of page mgr_main.php by yourself (e.g. password rules ...), send me an email and i will send you the changed part of the source code to implement it by yourself in order not to loose your previous work. The installation package is already fixed.
Sunday, 11-01-2009, 07:31
Bugfix in Version 1.7
Peter Craciun found a bug in file cnf_main.php. Access for normal users (no admins) is missing in version 1.7.
In order to enable user access to the manager insert the following line into your cnf_main.php:
$app_useraccess = 1;
The installation package is fixed. Thx to Peter and sorry!
Tuesday, 28-12-2008, 16:20
Bugfix in Version 1.7
C.Bonnkirch found a bug in last release. Bug is fixed in mgr_main.php. The download package is also fixed. For those who downloaded the mailmanager from 26.12.08 to 28.12.08: please use the Bugfix 1.7.1 to replace mgr_main.php - sorry.
Tuesday, 26-12-2008, 16:20
Version 1.7 released
Last changes leaded to version 1.7 with support for non-latin languages (utf8). Russian translation was made by Vadim Kutchin.
Tuesday, 23-12-2008, 15:15
UTF8 - Support for the mailmanager
Due to many requests for other languages i implemented UTF-8 - support for the tool. Download Update for utf-8 support and replace the existing files in your MailMaster directory.
The install packages will be updated soon.
On you will find a translation manager where you can download the most recent languages.
Tuesday, 20-05-2008, 22:07
Added spanish language to manual installation scripts
Alfredo Sola made a spanish translation. I added the SQL - statements to the manual installation scripts. If you use the automatic installation, please refer to the Support Forum. There you also will find the SQL Statements.
Wednesday, 23-01-2008, 02:44
Change on install routine
Due to some problems during the automatic installation with filling text into table text the install routine in step 2 was changed. The sql - query filling up the text table is splitted into several parts now.
The current package is fixed. No new version needed. If you still encounter a problem with table text please visit the supportforum.
Saturday, 12-01-2008, 13:47
Bugfix on deletion of domains
Until version 1.5 there was a bug when delete a virtual domain with existing DomainMaster.
The bug is fixed in the package version 1.6.
For users of version 1.5 there is a Update 1.5 to 1.6, which replaces 3 files.
Wednesday, 02-01-2008, 23:28
New Release 1.5
New version 1.5 is available now. Since version 1.4 showed some bugs, it was necessary to update.
The known bugs are fixed and there are 2 new features now: email forwarding and virtual aliases are supported. Itīs also possible to implement CatchAll aliases for domains.
Users of version 1.4 should download Update 1.4 to 1.5, unpack it in your mailmaster directory and follow the instructions in the file update1-5_README.txt (you only have to run a sql - script).
Friday, 28-12-2007, 14:07
New version 1.4

Update to version 1.4
The new version 1.4 is available in the current package. New feature is support for virtual aliases as well as email user access to manage their own account.
For new users of this software just follow the installation instructions.
For users of version 1.3 please download Update from 1.3 to 1.4, place it in your MailManager directory, unpack and follow the instructions in the included file update1-4_README.txt. Only 2 changes have to be made.
Sunday, 23-12-2007, 19:52
Autoinstallation bugs fixed

Bugs reported by Kevin Buijs, thx
1. A wrong session status in install step_4.php leaded to stop of installation without creating the cnf_main.php.
2. A text entry in the database (mid=19): there is a \\n - linefeed which caused and error in javascript commit statement. The bugs are fixed in new download package grs_mailmgr_v1_3.tgz (Version 1.3).
For those who downloaded the older packages:
- Open database table text and run the 2 statements in SQL-Script updates for text in your database and the Javascript error will disappear.
Thx and sorry.
Friday, 21-12-2007, 09:34
mgr_main.php changed
When adding a new virtual user with invalid password to a virtual domain, the request was rejected without information what was wrong.
Now there is a message: "Password xxx is not valid. Please check the rules for passwords."
The Download-package is already fixed (now grs_mailmgr_v1_2.tgz).
For those who downloaded the package before, i recommend to replace the mgr_main.php with new version: download new mgr_main.php.
Alternatively you can change the code by yourself in line 314 of mgr_main.php:
Old version: $Aktion = "edituser";
New version: $Aktion = "adduser";
Thx and sorry.
Wednesday, 19-12-2007, 01:01
login.php changed
There is a not really good SQL statement in the login.php. The Download-package is already fixed (now grs_mailmgr_v1_1.tgz).
For those who downloaded the package before, i recommend to replace the loginscript with new version: download new login.php.
The old statement is: Select * from virtual_users where user='username' AND password='md5(Password)'
Problem is, if a user with same username and password exists in 2 domains and he is a DomainMaster, troubles are programmed. If this user is already a MailMaster no problem will occure, but anyway . The new statement is: Select * from virtual_users where user='username' AND domain_id=domain_id AND password='md5($Password)' Problem is fixed. Please change the login.php, if u downloaded the package before 19.12.2007 (in version 1.1, the current version, u see the version number nearby the language selection). Thx and sorry.